Recipe: Taji pot, laver, rice bowl

Home Cooking Recipe: Taji pot, laver, rice bowl


I have long wanted to make this claypot. Just take the Taji pot to practice. I did not expect this pot to be super convenient for rice. The little regret is the first time, the moisture control is not good enough, and the ghost makes the difference and adds water. So the rice is softer. I have experience next time. It tastes good and fragrant.



  1. Apply a thin layer of oil to the bottom of the pot

  2. Wash the rice and put it in the pot for more than 1 hour. The amount of water can be measured by the index finger. Put the index finger into the rice water, as long as the water exceeds the first joint of the index finger.

  3. Cut sausage and bacon spare

  4. After the rice is soaked, drop a few drops of oil into the water. Cover the lid. In the middle of the fire, turn around a small fire for 2-8min

  5. When you see the water, you have to receive the rice, stir it, and put the sausage and bacon when the rice is in a honeycomb shape. Turn off the fire for 5 minutes. Do not open the cover after closing the fire, 焖 15min or so

  6. Use this 15min time to wash the vegetables and cook with water.

  7. Then adjust the juice. Use soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, fresh fish sauce (not to be omitted or replaced with Meiji savory juice), sesame sesame oil, and white sugar. Taste self-adjustment

  8. Open the lid and add the greens and seasoned sauce. Mix well.


Pay attention to the heat, remove the fire from the beginning of about 2 minutes, and use the small fire for the rest. If you feel that the rice is a little bit mixed, then add a little water and continue to simmer for a while, generally do not add water at will. If you want to eat the casserole, you will have to wait longer, but pay attention to the ignition, don't burn it.

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