Recipe: Taji Pan Sanyuan Seafood Stew

Home Cooking Recipe: Taji Pan Sanyuan Seafood Stew


This dish should be the favorite of people who like to eat seafood, haha, for example, I. Seafood is not only delicious, but also delicious. Let's try it. Feel good, remember to help top~ ~~~~ Reference kitchenware:



  1. Fresh especially for the taste, first cut the knife with a knife and then cut the knife

  2. Remove the shrimp head and cut a knife in the middle of the spine without breaking. Add salt, pepper, cooking wine, starch sizing

  3. Put sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, pepper, cooking wine, water starch, chicken broth into juice

  4. The flower buds are soaked in the salt water for half an hour, spit out the sediment, and after repeated rinsing, remove the water control

  5. The green and red peppers are stalked to the seeds and washed and cut into strips. Ginger washed and sliced

  6. Pour the vegetable oil (also lard) into the silica gel Taji pot, heat for 2 minutes to 50% heat on medium heat, pour in the cardamom sauce and ginger slices. Then put in the fresh, flower, shrimp, green pepper strips (that is, placed in a pyramid), evenly poured into the chicken broth, and changed to high heat for about 5 minutes, (the microwave power is different) You have to control your time, and the flowers are open after you open your mouth. Sprinkle some cooking wine for 2 minutes.


This dish can also be made with other recipes, and the procedures and practices are the same. If you buy it, you should soak it in salt water, but don't use too much water. Just cover it. If you do not put salt, a little sesame oil in the water can also have the same effect.

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