Recipe: Taji Pan Chicken Wings Eggplant Potatoes

Home Cooking Recipe: Taji Pan Chicken Wings Eggplant Potatoes



  1. Put the butter in the pot, melt and put in the minced garlic

  2. Fry the chicken wings marinated in soy sauce into golden yellow and add cooking wine

  3. Take out the chicken wings, lay a layer of onion on the bottom of the pot, stir-fry and add the chicken wings.

  4. Then put in eggplant, potatoes, and pepper

  5. Although everyone said that the Taji pot does not have to put water, but still put a little

  6. Put in salt, sugar, pepper

  7. Cover the lid after opening the pot until it is stuffy


There is indeed a fragrance that is unmatched by ordinary household pots!

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