Recipe: Taiwanese sister personally super simple and delicious meat dry

Home Cooking Recipe: Taiwanese sister personally super simple and delicious meat dry


When I was studying in the UK, I would like to learn how to be a good person. I am a good Taiwanese sister. I am so good that I have been thinking about it for more than a year. I recently discussed it on fb and shared it with you. Simple ingredients, the key ingredient is a lot of garlic and fried oinion. I used the turkey minced meat without dryness and fat to finish it. Everyone used normal pork ground meat. Can be mixed with noodles, bibimbap, or stir-fry, omnipotent! . . My left hand is in an unusable state. I have to write this in my thumb and right hand typing. I can see how much I love it.



  1. Put the oil in the hot pot, pour the chopped minced garlic, stir fry and pour the onion crisp. How much to look at your taste, personally recommend more, very fragrant.

  2. Stir fry, pour in the minced meat, add a little wine to simmer, add the porphyrin, and bring a little bit of sweetness.

  3. If you want to add color, you can add a little soy sauce, then soy sauce, add rock sugar, and mix well.

  4. Pour in the water that has not been minced with minced meat. Cook over low heat until the soup is slightly thick. Try the taste.


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