Recipe: Taiwanese iron egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Taiwanese iron egg


Taiwan's specialty snack "iron egg", when it was first contacted, it was quite disapproving. It wasn't just a tea egg, it was black, and it couldn't go anywhere. But after eating the next one, it feels really different. It is very Q, very elastic, very chewy, and the more chewed it is in the mouth. Iron Egg is a famous snack in Tamsui County, Taipei. According to legend, a person selling salted eggs has a bad business, so the eggs are constantly returned to the pot. The eggs are blown by the sea breeze. The smaller the halogen, the darker the black. I didn't expect the guests to like this more chewy and more delicious black marinated egg.



  1. Cook the quail eggs in water, pick them up, put them in cold water, wash them, and peel them for use.

  2. 1 onion, 1 octagonal, 1 bowl of rock sugar, 1 bowl of soy sauce, 1 bowl of soy sauce, 1 small cup of fragrant leaves, 1 bowl of tea, 1 bowl of dried tangerine peel, 1 cinnamon, mixed with water to form a sauce, boil over high heat

  3. Put the peeled quail eggs into the boiled sauce, cook for half an hour, remove and put in a ventilated air for half an hour, let it air dry.

  4. Put the quail eggs back into the pot, continue to cook for 20 minutes, then air dry, this process can be repeated 8 to 10 times.

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