Recipe: Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice


Braised pork rice is the most common dish for Taiwanese people. Her mother-in-law will hail a savory meat to the children almost every week. From snacks to big, I will never eat too much. Now I ask my husband what I like most. "Brazed rice with mother's taste"---round pig



  1. Pork belly cut into cubes, put into boiling water, boil, remove the drain water

  2. 3 tablespoons of cold oil in the pot, put in the slice of red onion, slowly fry with a small fire

  3. Stir-fried golden brown, pick up the onion when it is dry

  4. The remaining oil, put in the pork belly, fry on a small fire until the surface is golden yellow, put into the ginger, the garlic bursts the fragrance

  5. Put the fried meat pieces and ginger and garlic into a deep pot. The shallots are tightly packed with gauze bags. Add cooked eggs and all seasonings

  6. After the fire is boiled, turn to the low heat and cover the halogen for 60 minutes until the 1/3 of the soup is left.


1. Red onion is a commonly used material in coastal areas. Because of its unique spice, no other spices are needed, and the flesh is full of fragrance. If you can't buy red onions in the north, try replacing them with purple onions (but the onions are too big and the aroma is not strong enough). 2. The practice of marinade and sauce is to add a lot of water to the softness of the meat stew, but the way to marinate the juice without leaving a lot of soup sauce is to almost dry the soup. Therefore, we must pay attention to the distinction when making. 3. It is best to put small eggs in the braised meat, which is easy to taste. Because of the lack of time, my egg has not changed color. The best state of eating is that the egg also turns into a sauce color, and the protein bites up QQ, which is very fragrant.

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