Recipe: Taishan Wuwei Goose

Home Cooking Recipe: Taishan Wuwei Goose


This is the five-flavored goose that every household in the Wuyi area will introduce in the Southern Metropolitan Taiwanese “Food and Food” program.



  1. The goose is washed and dried, otherwise it will splash oil, so be sure to drip without leaving the ground!

  2. Put a proper amount of oil in the pan and turn the goose over to the ground until the whole goose is golden brown. At this time, many geese will be fried.

  3. Put it in oyster sauce and use it.

  4. Put a piece of dried tangerine peel, a piece of broken star anise, and some crushed sand ginger, then decoct, roll the goose, add the right amount of water, the water should be immersed in two-thirds of the goose.

  5. Pour in the appropriate amount of pork sauce, mix well, cover and simmer for 40 minutes. During the period, you can look at the time. Put the goose intestines and foie gras in the middle to cook together. Finally, use chopsticks to insert into the goose. Try it very soft. Insert it and cook it thoroughly. Finally, you can bring the salt to taste.


1. The cooked goose must be racked up and placed in a dry plate to dry and cool before being cut with a kitchen knife. Otherwise, it will splash a lot of gravy and dirty when cut! 2. Cut the geese and put the platter on the stove, put it on the stove and boil it, then pour it on the geese to eat the delicious Taishan Wuwei Goose!

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