Recipe: Tahini noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Tahini noodles


I have seen the enthusiastic feedback from many kitchenrs~ I will announce the practice of “tahini noodles”~ I hope you can enjoy a bowl of thick sesame-flavored “sesame sauce noodles” at home~ this recipe is also suitable for “hot mix” ~ I just prefer "cold noodles" ~ so this is the way ~



  1. Prepare ingredients: cucumber washed shredded, small green onion washed chopped green onion, garlic 1 chopped end ~ another 1 whole (I like to bite to eat, do not like, please omit this process)

  2. Dispensing sauce: 1 bowl of sesame sauce 2 tablespoons + soy sauce 1 tablespoon + sugar a little + minced garlic 1 sesame oil 1 tbsp (personal preference black sesame oil) + Laoganma flavored cardamom (friends who like the taste of cardamom can add, also It will have a little spicy taste, very good) + chicken powder + cold boiled water, almost 4 tablespoons to a slightly thicker sesame sauce sauce bottom ~ if the taste is not enough, you can add salt properly, friends who like a little sour can add a little Vinegar~

  3. Cooking noodles: Boil the water pot and cook for 2-3 minutes. Usually, the thickness of the noodles is determined. ~ My noodles are fine, so it is good to cook for 2 minutes. Immediately after cooking, put in 'ice water' to cool down, cool and drain. Immediately mix 1 tablespoon sesame oil (this is the key to good food), mix evenly ~ avoid the noodles stick to each other and increase the aroma of sesame~

  4. Swinging plate: Sauce the bottom, add the cooked noodles (if you eat hot noodles), put the cucumber and small green onion, fried white sesame, wooden fish flower (can not leave, but I put it really has the effect of improving the overall taste, personal preference for wood fish flower taste), and then a few drops of spicy oil will taste better~

  5. Other: Some other ingredients, I think it is also very suitable with this side, such as: mustard, fried peanuts, bean sprouts, etc. can be matched, please free to play, create your own good taste, good mix ~


1, cooking surface is not easy to be too long, will affect the taste 2, after cooking, the process of cooling will increase the Q degree of the noodles, but if the child eats, then do not have to deal with this 3, mix well before eating 4, the kitchen friends recommend less use " Colored glazed tableware", please pay attention

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