Recipe: Tabletop Braised Pork Rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Tabletop Braised Pork Rice


I love the braised pork rice of Yonghe soymilk. After I tried it, I found that the taste was not lost at all. The picture was brought to the unit's friends a year ago and received a lot of praise.



  1. Boiled eggs in white water, peeled off the shell and let cool.

  2. Wash the onion and cut into strips and fry in a frying pan. Boil until golden brown to remove oil. Onion crisp is the soul of braised pork rice, don't omit it.

  3. Pork belly, mushroom diced, onion ginger garlic mince. (I personally like ginger cut into large pieces, and it is convenient to cook the ginger pieces.)

  4. Hot pot, oil 7 points into the streaky pork stir fry, fry until the flesh color white, forced out the fat in the meat.

  5. Add mushrooms and continue to stir fry

  6. Add appropriate amount of soy sauce

  7. Add onion ginger garlic

  8. Add cooking wine

  9. Add onion cake and continue to stir fry

  10. All materials are sautéed evenly, and hot water is added without meat. The water has to be added to the place at one time. The middle of the soup is less and the taste of the water is not the same thing.

  11. Add rock sugar, star anise, soy sauce, boil over high heat

  12. Add salt, boiled egg, and stew slowly.

  13. After stewing for at least 2 hours, add salt and oyster sauce to taste. At this time, the braised broth is thick but never dry, and the braised pork broth is delicious.

  14. White water is boiled with a few small green vegetables, and the rice is placed on the rice, and finally the savory gravy is poured... oh... enjoy it~~

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