Recipe: Tabletop Braised Pork Rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Tabletop Braised Pork Rice


There are many recipes for braised pork in the kitchen, and the practice is similar; the really delicious braised pork rice is indispensable to the red onion, which should be the biggest difference between the table and the ordinary braised pork rice...



  1. Cut the onion and cut off the outer coat, use the kitchen paper to dry the surface, cut into filaments, sprinkle a little dry starch and mix well, and disassemble the stacked green onion;

  2. Put the frying pan into the onion, fry until the water evaporates and the golden yellow floats out, remove the surface oil, and put it into the fresh-keeping bag and crush it with a rolling pin;

  3. Wash the pork belly, dry the water and put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes, remove the diced meat cut into 0.5cm; the mushrooms are diced; the eggs are cooked and peeled;

  4. Control the fried red onion oil and pour it into the pork belly. Stir fry, add the mushrooms and stir-fry when the oil is separated. Add the rice wine, soy sauce, pour the fried shallot and pour it with the meat. Hot water, after the fire is boiled, turn to low heat for at least 1 hour;

  5. Add boiled eggs in a timely manner, adjust the salt and rock sugar according to the taste, adjust the fire to melt the sugar, thicken the soup, but do not completely dry the gravy;

  6. A bowl of rice, sautéed with braised pork and broth, served with cooked greens and marinated eggs, you can start...


Pork belly is easier to diced, and the cut diced meat is quite different from the meat minced from the machine. This is worth the effort; the table-broiled pilaf should use Jinlan soy sauce, but I just run out. Not enough, so it is supplemented with soy sauce and soy sauce, the effect is not bad; if there is no onion, you can use onion instead, but the flavor is slightly less; after the gravy is done, there will be a thick layer of fat, although there is a need in the braised pork The right amount of oil is delicious, but too greasy will affect the appetite, so you can take a part of the surface oil before eating, and mix it with green leafy vegetables or light bean sprouts soup. If you mix the sweet and sour vegetables, it is better. The endless flavoured meat can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week. It is used to make braised pork noodles and dry noodles.

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