Recipe: Tabletop Braised Pork Rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Tabletop Braised Pork Rice


In the tabletop braised pork rice, you should use the shallots to make the oily onion crisp. It is said that the tabletop braised pork rice without the oily onion is not authentic.



  1. The pork belly is taken out of the refrigerator and thawed. At this time, the ginger, garlic and onion are chopped. (My method of thawing is to freeze in a microwave oven for one minute, then put it in water for 10 minutes)

  2. Prepare rock sugar, star anise, allspice, white pepper, soy sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine

  3. Cut the thawed pork belly into a size of about 0.5 cm.

  4. Put a proper amount of oil in the pan. After the oil is hot, add ginger, minced garlic and onion.

  5. Put the pork belly and stir-fry until it is oily.

  6. Add cooking wine, soy sauce, soy sauce, star anise, rock sugar, allspice, white pepper and stir fry evenly

  7. Pour the right amount of warm water without the pork belly 1-2 cm

  8. Pour the water into the casserole and boil over low heat.

  9. At this time, the eggs to be marinated are cooked and peeled.

  10. Put the peeled eggs in a casserole and continue cooking for one to two hours.

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