Recipe: Tabletop Braised Pork Rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Tabletop Braised Pork Rice


If you don’t do it, it’s really easy. You don’t have to go to Lugang Town to eat braised pork.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Pork belly cut into small pieces, diced mushrooms, diced onions, sliced ​​garlic

    Pork belly cut into small pieces, diced mushrooms, diced onions, sliced ​​garlic

  2. Pour in oil, fry the meat, stir fry for a while until the meat is browned

  3. Pour the garlic slices, ginger, and onions into the pot, stir fry and pour 1 teaspoon of cooking wine.

  4. Pour the mushrooms and continue to stir fry

  5. The onion becomes transparent, the mushrooms become soft, and 2 spoons of soy sauce are put, a little sugar

  6. Add hot water, add eggs, and smear the eggs

  7. Cover the lid, simmer in the medium heat until the juice is collected, about 40 minutes

  8. Put the washed rapeseed into the pot, stuffy

  9. After the juice is collected, the pan can be cooked, and chicken and black pepper are added according to personal taste.


1. The meat should be fried for a while, to the brown. 2. The water should be smeared with the ingredients. It is okay to put more. 3. You can fry some more at a time. The amount of eggs can also be adjusted according to individual needs, put into the insurance box, and hot the next day. Some fresh rapeseed, you can cook the braised pork.

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