Recipe: Syrup

Home Cooking Recipe: Syrup


A blink of an eye, not updated and a little half a month, since the blog, time is faster than at any time in life. Yesterday, I had a cold, a headache, a stomachache, a stomachache, and a lethargy at noon. One night, I got up early today and began to feel refreshed. Since the birth of a child, people have become stronger than at any time in their lives. Therefore, since I have a blog and a child, I feel strong, time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like a shuttle. Last time I went to the wholesale market, I bought a lot of fruits with my friends. Just listed Yangmei, I will swallow. Buy it home, remove the bad bayberry, and use the kitchen paper to wipe off the water and store it for a long time. I only have one person at home to eat, every time I have a big bowl, I have a sour tooth. There is still 1 kg left, and suddenly I want to change the method, so I made the bayberry juice that is very appetizing to me. It’s infinite after drinking, because it’s too much like it. The approach is very simple.



  1. Wash the bayberry and soak it in salt water for more than 1 hour.

  2. Remove the brine and rinse it to drain

  3. Add bayberry to the pot, add water, don't overdo the water, add rock sugar

  4. Turn off the fire 1 minute after the fire is boiled, cover the lid, stuff the bayberry water to room temperature, or continue to soak for more than 4 hours.

  5. Carefully remove 1/2 bayberry, control the moisture, put it in the crisper, and store it in the refrigerator overnight.

  6. The remaining 1/2 of the bayberry, go nuclear, and the cooked bayberry water together with the juice machine to break, filter the slag, hit the concentrated bayberry juice, and then add water to your own sweet and delicious Bayberry juice


1. The water for boiling the bayberry is not too much. The bayberry will make its own water. Finally, the amount of boiled can just immerse the whole bayberry in the water. Because it is necessary to use syrup to Jinyangmei, make it sweet. Therefore, the syrup should be concentrated to have an effect. 2, can not be cooked for too long, 1 hour after the fire is opened, boiled on the line, the cooked bayberry is very scattered, it will be broken when touched, so take care when taking it, put it in the refrigerator for a night, the cool bayberry The flesh will become firmer and tastes the same as fresh bayberry, but it tastes a lot sweeter. This method is very suitable for sour plums that are too sweet. 3, afraid of acid, the amount of sugar can be added to 150 grams, nothing more than the addition of some water. The cooked bayberry juice is very sweet, but not sour, so it is enough to add some bayberry juice together. There is no juicer, and it can be smashed and filtered. 4, I finally filtered the concentrated juice with water to 1L, the taste is too thick, sour and sweet, you can add some water, but I really love this taste. Red is lovable.

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