Recipe: Sydney Tremella Sweet Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Sydney Tremella Sweet Soup


Tremella is known as the “civilian bird's nest” and contains a variety of nutrients, especially proteins and amino acids. It is a healthy food for health and beauty. Sydney is a very common fruit that is cheap. It has the effect of moisturizing, clearing away heat and removing phlegm.



  1. The white fungus is soaked in cold water for 20 minutes in advance, then the root pedicle is cut and torn into small flowers.

  2. Wash and peel the pears, cut into small pieces; wash

  3. Put the Sydney pears and white fungus into the pot, pour in the water, boil the fire, and remove the floating foam from the noodle soup. Stewed for about 45~60 minutes, I used a rice cooker to cook, very convenient. Or you can put all the seasoning into the stew pot, add water will put the material, put it in the steamer, heat it by water for 60 to 90 minutes, to the fungus

  4. Finally, when cooking until it is thicker, add some amount of rock sugar according to your taste, and eat hot and cold.


Tremella selection: 1, look: to choose the true color, the color is yellow, the root color is slightly deep, those "white and beautiful" white fungus is not the best 2, smell: whether there is a pungent smell, if any, indicating that there is more sulfur dioxide residue Since sulfur dioxide is easily soluble in water, soak the white fungus for a few hours before eating, and change the water every other hour.

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