Recipe: Sydney Papaya Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Sydney Papaya Soup


In recent days, my mood is not very good. The reason is that I have heard about colleagues, friends, and junior high school students who have had breast cancer and cervical cancer. They have already undergone surgery and are undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy. A junior high school student working in Beijing did a second breast cancer surgery last year. Most of these colleagues and classmates are in their early forties. It seems that a forty-year-old woman is in the midst of something trouble! A forty-year-old woman is supposed to have an old father and mother to support, and adolescent children to fight. And after 40 years of age, physical strength began to decline, not always as energetic as young, adapt to the high-intensity rhythm. Even your own work must be exhausted, not to mention other things? At this level, the physical condition of the body also began to alert, and some 40-year-old women entered the "menopause." Some people have sickness, especially gynecological diseases. Forty-year-old women in the autumn of trouble, we shoulder the responsibility of the support of the elderly and the education of their children. Then you have to love yourself. Only with a healthy body can we fulfill our duties. Then we will start from now on, and take good care of ourselves with practical actions. First, take time to exercise, use time to go to work, walk and exercise. This is the simplest and most practical way to exercise. The second is to do a routine inspection every year and a gynecological examination every six months. Early detection of early treatment. The third is to nurse from the inside, diet should pay attention to dietary mix, nutritional balance. It is said that women are made of water. It seems that only soup and water are the most suitable for women. When they are free to do nothing, they will nourish themselves, nourish themselves, and adjust their external health. Do not say, let us live happily every day.



  1. Papaya peeled, seeded, diced, Sydney kernels, diced. Almond peeled

  2. Put water in the casserole, then add almonds, Sydney, rock sugar, milk

  3. First fire the pot, then turn to the small fire for an hour.

  4. Put the cut papaya before the pan, cover the lid and simmer for 5 minutes.


Papaya should be placed in the pot to avoid destroying the nutrients in the papaya.

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