Recipe: Sydney 枸杞花胶汤

Home Cooking Recipe: Sydney 枸杞花胶汤


The gelatin is rich in collagen and is recognized as a good beauty product. Especially suitable for beauty lovers, maternal, menopausal women, people who are seriously ill. It is nourishing and not getting angry, suitable for long-term use. The treatment of the flower gum: clear water for 12 hours, after the bubble is finished, boil for 3-5 minutes with boiling water (put a few slices of ginger to go to the cockroach). Then cut into small pieces, each 10g is appropriate, that is, the amount of one day when taken for a long time. After cutting it, put it in the refrigerator. If it is within a week, it will be stored refrigerated and frozen in one week. Taboo for eating gelatin: don't eat colds and vacations.



  1. After the pears are peeled and cut, three-thirds are made into small dices, and two-thirds of the juice is left. After the treatment, pour into the casserole and add water to 350ml. Turn on the power and simmer for half an hour.

  2. After the treatment, the flower gum is cut into small pieces and placed in a casserole. Cover it for another hour and a half (2 hours is also ok).

  3. After 2 hours (of course, from the time of putting in Sydney), put a little rock sugar and clams, casserole power off, cook for 10 minutes by the heat of the heat! Fresh and sweet taste, smooth and smooth Q 糯 taste, eat a bowl like the skin immediately becomes white! Tender ~ bullets ~ (advertising body automatically inserted o (╯ ╰ ╰) o, please ignore)


1. I used a small casserole to cook, only 350ml at a time, once finished. It’s not good to heat this stuff again! 2. Water-proof stew looks like healthier nutrition (I guess • _•) 3. After the Sydney is processed, it should be cooked immediately into the pot, otherwise it will be easily oxidized.

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