Recipe: Sword flower fig bone soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Sword flower fig bone soup



  1. Sword flower dried in hot water for two hours in advance, after softening, cut the hard part of the root

  2. Pig bone flying water

  3. Put sword, fig and jujube water into the sand to boil

  4. The treated pork bones are placed in a heated sand simmer, fired for about fifteen minutes on a large fire, and simmered for one and a half to two hours.

  5. Add salt before drinking


Jianhuayutang has the functions of clearing heart and moistening the lungs, clearing away heat and relieving heat, removing cough and treating cough. Its flavor is fragrant and sweet, and it is sweet and delicious. It is a favorite of Guangdong people who are the "dragon soup family". But it is difficult to buy in the north.

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