Recipe: Swiss Butter Cream No Eggs (Buttercream)

Home Cooking Recipe: Swiss Butter Cream No Eggs (Buttercream)



  1. The formula for buttercream comes from Fancy Fanvours & Ed Ed Art. She has a dedicated channel on YouTube. Her original recipe is from a US magazine. This recipe is the recipe for Swiss butter cream, but there is no egg version. So suitable for people with fast foodism or egg allergy. 300ml of milk, 15ml of vanilla extract, 30g of protein powder (I use organic whey), and 660g of sugar are used for stirring. It is put together with the softened 750g of butter and will be as smooth as silk. The taste is also very good. The buttercream made by this recipe is softer than that available on the market, so it is better to wipe the surface.

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