Recipe: Sweet tortilla

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet tortilla



  1. Add 2 tablespoons of sugar to the corn kernels, use a spoonful of water, crush with a blender, pay attention to the impurities in the corn, or affect the taste.

  2. Don't beat too much, you can leave some small particles to enhance the taste, pour out the cornmeal, mix in 2 tablespoons and half of the flour, stir well, you can feel the corn paste starts to become sticky, and there is resistance when stirring.

  3. Add one more egg to increase the aroma. I remembered that I didn't add white sugar. The sugar was best whipped with corn. It was easy to taste. But please master according to your own taste and the sweetness of corn. Whether it is breakfast or afternoon snack, it should not be too sweet. Taste the original fragrance of corn

  4. The stirred corn paste should be slightly thick. It should not be scattered when the pan is fried. You can try it first. If you feel the amount of flour is a little bit, add some flour, but don't add more.

  5. Pan frying is better, pour the bottom oil, heat the corn paste, and try to form a round cake, the small fire slowly fry

  6. After turning yellow, gently turn over, fry yellow and face

  7. When you are out of the pan, you can pour off the excess oil in the pan. Use a dry pan and a large fire to bake it. This will cause the excess oil to be infused during the pancakes to spit out. It won't be too greasy when you eat. You can fry all the pies. After cooking, do this step collectively, the time should not be too long, don’t paste it.

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