Recipe: Sweet shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet shrimp


Many people don't like the taste of sautéed sauté, but it is delicious and cooked when it is ground with other spices.



  1. Grind the citronella, scallions, garlic, shrimp, sautéed, and dried chili into a sauce

  2. Treat the shrimp and shrimp intestines clean, control the water, and then marinate the shrimps with sugar.

  3. Put the shrimp in the pan and heat it until it is discolored.

  4. Pour the same sauce into the ground sauce and curry leaves, add the shrimp and stir fry evenly, then add a little water and continue to fry for two minutes.


Shrimp should not be fried for too long, so as not to get old meat. The curry leaves must be placed, otherwise the whole dish will have no smell.

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