Recipe: Sweet-scented osmanthus red bean soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet-scented osmanthus red bean soup


Sweet-scented osmanthus, red bean blood, glutinous rice, glutinous rice moisturizing, warm sweet velvet, how can you not come to a bowl!



  1. Red bean soaked in water for one night

  2. Cook the red beans in a pressure cooker for 40 minutes (plus rock sugar), add two or three times the water at the same time, otherwise it will be too dry to make the bean paste.

  3. After the red beans are boiled, they are placed in a metal crepe colander. My method is to hold the colander left and hold the metal squeezing in the right hand. The bean paste is squeezed out. The bottom is to be filled with a large bowl. The bean hull is left in the colander.

  4. One spoonful and one spoonful until filtered

  5. There are so many bean skins left to be wasted, let’s go again, this time, while pouring and pouring the soup of boiled red beans,

  6. After a round of two squeezed bean pastes, there will be a large bowl of fine bean paste, poured into a small pot, and the soup left over by boiling red beans, boiled for use.

  7. Another pot, boiled in white water, into the glutinous rice dumplings, while cooking, stir with a spoon until the bowl floats and cooked.

  8. Take the round nut and control the water, pour it into the red bean paste soup, boil over low heat.

  9. Prepare a small bowl, turn the glutinous rice flour into warm water, pour it into the red bean paste pot in the pan, and stir until the soup is thick.

  10. Add sugar osmanthus, if you are not sweet enough, you can add some sugar.


Glutinous rice dumplings supermarkets are sold, packaged in bags, do not bring stuffed dumplings, so red bean paste soup does not feel sweet. Sugar osmanthus is also sold in supermarkets, bottled. A large pot of bean paste can not be eaten at one time. It will be sticky when it is cold the next day. In the morning, I will steam it in a steamer in a small bowl. The taste is just the same as that just done, and I can add less. Boil it.

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