Recipe: Sweet-scented osmanthus mint cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet-scented osmanthus mint cake


The ratio of sticky rice flour and glutinous rice flour has not been well mastered. I also refer to other people's recipes to control the ratio of sticky rice flour, glutinous rice flour and water to about 10:4:8. Mint syrup is counted in water.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Mix all materials and pinch them by hand

    Mix all materials and pinch them by hand

  2. Cover with a damp cloth for half an hour, then sieve. The sieve can be thicker, I use the colander of the dumplings that I usually use at home.

  3. The mold is covered with a piece of fine gauze, and the powder is thick and leaked in the mold, so do not press it. Steam for 30 minutes on the fire. It is good if you press the powder to keep it off.

  4. Finally, a layer of sugar osmanthus is placed on top. carry out!


When I first started with the dough, I felt that the water was too little and very dry. It’s just like doing this with your hands. The sieve is to make the particles almost the same size, there is really no, it can be broken by hand, it is more laborious.

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