Recipe: Sweet-scented osmanthus honey bean (rice pot version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet-scented osmanthus honey bean (rice pot version)


Honey red beans are used in many places: they can be used as bread stuffing, they can be placed in milk tea, in yoghurt, you can make taro stuffing, you can make red bean cake rolls, or you can eat snacks... so it can be said that red beans are versatile stuffing. material! The home should be ready for use. Here I share a honey red bean method that is easy and easy to do. I like it. Rice cooker boiling [Osmanthus honey red beans]



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Prepare ingredients and a rice cooker

    Prepare ingredients and a rice cooker

  2. Red bean (red bean) soaked in water for at least 12 hours

  3. The next day, pour out the red bean water that was soaked overnight, and the red bean (red bean) was rinsed with water.

  4. Wash the red bean (red bean) into the rice cooker and add water, put the yellow rock sugar, and add water to the amount of 1 inch higher than the red bean.

  5. Press “煲汤健” to cook (about 1 hour), and after that time, let it be kept in the rice cooker for 2 hours.

  6. After 2 hours of heat preservation, press the 'cooking' function of the rice cooker. This time is about 45 minutes. In fact, this function is to collect the red bean (red bean) which was previously boiled and expanded.

  7. Bring the cooked red (red) beans, and then add the sugar osmanthus with a spoon and pour a little honey. Stir well and put in a glass humidifier. Refrigerate or freeze in the refrigerator!

  8. Using this method to make honey red beans is convenient and easy to operate. The honey red beans made are a little bit chewy and a little bit hard and a little bit of sand. It is the most suitable for making honey bean bread and honey bean taro! Just like it, just try it!


1: Red beans must be soaked for 12 hours, you can soak overnight and do the next day 2: After the first cooking, you should still put it in the rice cooker and let it sit still, let it fully ripe 3, the sweetness of beans and sugar Degree ratio can be adjusted by itself

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