Recipe: Sweet-scented osmanthus cashew nut nougat

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet-scented osmanthus cashew nut nougat


This sweet-scented osmanthus cashew nut nougat has a refreshing sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, plus a sufficient amount of cashew nuts, delicious and hard to stop! At the same time, the aromatic substances of sweet-scented osmanthus can be used for beauty and beauty, soothing and calming, removing bad breath and improving sputum. Fangzi is based on a few popular nougat recipes recently. According to personal preference, the use of Guilin's Dangui is the kind of dried osmanthus that is usually used to make tea. In view of the fact that cotton candy is sweet enough. Milk powder is not sweet, one can cut about 40 pieces, and the plastic is not used in the clay box 25*13*6.



  1. All kinds of ingredients are weighed in advance, and the cashew nuts can be cut in half or in whole, and the toast is shaped with butter in advance.

  2. Open the micro-fire, put the butter in the non-stick pan (must use the non-stick pan), let all melt, put the marshmallow.

  3. Place the cashew nuts in the oven at the same time as step 2 and keep at 100 °C.

  4. Stir fry until the butter is mixed with the marshmallow, add the milk powder, then add half of the sweet-scented osmanthus and the warmed cashews. Mix well.

  5. Pour hot into the oil-shaping plastic mold, the toast box I used, compact it with a silicone shovel, put the remaining osmanthus, and try to level it.

  6. Put the plastic wrap on the freezer in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

  7. Take it out of the refrigerator. At this time, the nougat is not very hard. You can easily transfer the nougat to the oil paper with a fork on the edge. If it is deformed, it does not matter. The approximate appearance has been finalized. Let's continue to let cool.

  8. After cooling, you can cut the pieces. The chopper that I use is not a knife. It is slowly moving the sugar slowly and slowly, because there are more nuts inside, and it is quick and easy to break.

  9. Padded rice paper wrapped, sealed in a cool place


The amount of butter I think this hardness is just right, I tried to add 33g, which is soft. If you like hard butter, put a little less, prefer soft butter. The above formula is tested under the condition of heating in the north of winter. Soft and moderate. Please add the amount of butter as appropriate in cold areas such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai! The plastic mold can be selected according to the tool at hand, preferably not sticky. The original flavor of cashew nuts.

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