Recipe: Sweet potato water chestnut

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet potato water chestnut


When I got home last night, I suddenly got up, peeled off the water chestnut for more than an hour, added the newly bought red sweet potato, threw a few pieces of rock sugar, and cooked a pot of sweet sweet potato porridge sweet soup. Add a spoonful of sugar osmanthus to the pot, it's cold, drink some sweets and warm up.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash the shell with a water chestnut, peel off the flesh

    Wash the shell with a water chestnut, peel off the flesh

  2. The sweet potato is shaved with a planer and cut into a hob block. (If you like what shape, cut the shape, don't be too small.)

  3. The water in the pot is boiled, add sweet potato, water chestnut, rock sugar according to your own taste, add a small bowl of cold water. Cover and cover and cook over low heat.

  4. Open the lid after about 15 minutes, wait until the sweet potato is smashed, add a spoonful of sugar osmanthus, cook for 30 seconds and turn off the heat. It can be served.


No sugar can be replaced with sugar. Sweet potatoes must be red, and the taste will be sweet and sweet.

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