Recipe: Sweet potato sugar

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet potato sugar



  1. Collection of materials used

  2. The sweet potato is washed and sliced ​​and steamed on a steamer. (or microwave oven cooked)

  3. Steamed sweet potato is cooled, peeled and added to glutinous rice flour

  4. Slowly smash into a powder

  5. Take the same amount of powder and knead into a uniform small dumpling. (A good little dumpling should be moisturized, with toughness, no powder, no sticky hands.)

  6. Boil the water in the pot, add the small dumplings, cook slowly

  7. Another pot, add water to boil the yellow sugar and brown sugar, (you can simmer the syrup while cooking the soup)

  8. Slowly smash the syrup and add it to the cooked sweet potato.

  9. Peel the cooked peanuts and white sesame seeds together in a chopped chopped sesame powder, add a little coconut and mix well.

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