Recipe: Sweet potato starch

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet potato starch


There is a recipe that needs sweet potato starch, but the need is not powdery, just someone at home will do this starch, so, know this good way, I do the powder,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Where are you going to make a supplement for everyone?



  1. First buy powdered sweet potato starch

  2. Mix water and powder

  3. Stir well

  4. Rest

  5. After one night

  6. The powder and water inside are completely separated.

  7. At this time, you can start doing it.

  8. Pour the water

  9. Powder left

  10. Need a kitchen paper

  11. Take the wet starch onto this kitchen paper

  12. air

  13. show

  14. It’s ok to come back from work, and,

  15. I smash it

  16. Take another day

  17. You're done

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