Recipe: Sweet potato glutinous rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet potato glutinous rice


This sweet potato cheese pie is derived from a quick-frozen sweet potato mung bean pie that has been eaten many years ago. It feels very delicious. I have studied it and improved it into a sweet potato cheese pie!



  1. The sweet potato is peeled and washed and steamed, and it is made into sweet potato puree!

  2. Put the white sugar, glutinous rice flour and thin powder in the sweet potato mud, add the right amount of water and knead like a noodles, knead the dough for use!

  3. Cut the cheese into small pieces, divide the kneaded dough into the same amount of small ingredients, and put a piece of cheese on each of the dough pieces to make a small sweet potato shape!

  4. Put water in a bowl and wrap the wrapped sweet potato pie in wet water!

  5. After cooking the oil to reach 70% heat, go to the sweet potato pie in the oil pan, fry until the skin is yellow and change to medium heat, and fry until golden brown, you can cook! The sweet potato pie is ready!


Lift: When the sweet potato pie is fried, the oil may splash on you, so as not to be burned, you must pay attention to the oil pan!

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