Recipe: Sweet potato flour paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet potato flour paste


From snacks to big stuff, it's delicious and convenient. You can also go in whatever fruit you like to eat, and the dried fruit is also. I like to put brown sugar and brown sugar, like white sugar.



  1. Add the sweet potato powder to the water for a while and mix well. The static setting is for the large particles in the powder to melt completely. Like a thin paste, you can increase the proportion of water, and vice versa, thicker, less water. This step is the key.

  2. The cashew nuts are cooked or fried, and cooked. Then mash or small pieces. Pear diced.

  3. Open the medium and small fire, mix the sweet potato powder into the pot. Stir while observing, in the pot, it is necessary to stir all the time, in one direction. Until it is transparent, it means cooked, then add cashew nuts, dried bayberry, black sesame seeds, raisins, pears. Turn to a small fire, stir evenly, put sugar, turn off the heat.


Sugar can also be added together when adding water. When it needs to be hot, it is not so delicious when it is cold. It seems that it is not good for the second time, so it is not possible to stay overnight. Now eat now.

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