Recipe: Sweet potato cornmeal

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet potato cornmeal


Cornmeal is a coarse grain, and sweet potato is rich in dietary fiber. Are all good things?



  1. First, cut the sweet potato and pour it into a steamer for about 15 minutes.

  2. After the sweet potato is steamed, take it out and heat it with a spoon and add it to the cornmeal.

  3. Then add two tablespoons of milk powder and add a spoonful of honey. Then slowly add water. Make the cornmeal full and know that it is sticky.

  4. Finally, put it into a steamer and steam for half an hour.


Many people think that the cornmeal is too thick and tastes bad. Adding honey will solve this problem. There is also a spoon that is used for eating, not for glutinous rice.

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