Recipe: Sweet potato cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet potato cake


Autumn is a mature season. During the harvest season, I went back to my mother’s house a few days ago and took a sweet potato (also known as sweet potato). Today I have time to cook with a pressure cooker, open the blush with yellow, and eat sweet in my mouth. The aftertaste is endless. Let the steamed sweet potatoes cool, boil a little water, and set aside. Peel the steamed sweet potato, put it in the basin, add a little flour, this amount must be controlled, more sweet potatoes, less flour, then pour the water, the surface of the sweet potato cake should be soft, not to touch hands. Put the good dough in the pot and wake up for ten minutes, smash it into pieces, then knead it into thin slices, put it in the cake, golden on both sides, with the aroma of peanut oil, the sweetness of sweet potato, with Millet porridge and radish pickled vegetables, the taste of the sea is not changed!



  1. Steaming sweet potatoes, letting them cool, peeling

  2. Add flour

  3. Add a little boiling water

  4. Knead the dough, wake up

  5. 饼成皮皮

  6. Add peanut oil, put the cake, and brand it on both sides of the golden


When you are kneading your face, you must be soft and soft. Then you need to add water to the noodles. The old saying goes: soft noodles, hard noodle soup (noodles), this is very reasonable!

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