Recipe: Sweet potato balls

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet potato balls



  1. Sweet potato peeled and diced, steamed in a pot with water

  2. The steamed sweet potato is pressed into a mash with a fork, and glutinous rice flour and condensed milk are added.

  3. Mix well

  4. Use small hands to form a small group

  5. The pot is steamed and the heat is 40% hot. The small fire will fry the potato balls into golden yellow.

  6. Use a bamboo stick to string the fried potato balls and put them on the kitchen paper to remove excess oil.


1, sweet potato is best to choose yellow heart or white heart sweet potato, such a sweet potato texture to do a good job. Red heart sweet potato is a little soft, it is not good to become a small group. 2, when frying potato chips, use a small fire, sweet potatoes are already cooked, slowly penetrate the inside with a small fire, otherwise it will be a little bigger! 3, fried Dongdong best step to absorb excess oil, so that it is healthier.

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