Recipe: Sweet potato, bacon, rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet potato, bacon, rice


The children like to get together to play together, make a pot of bacon and rice, and watch them eat fragrant; especially like the sweet potato in the risotto, all look like a gold rush...



  1. The sweet potato is peeled and cut into diced; the green vegetables are washed and chopped; the bacon is cut into small pieces and the water is salted; the rice is washed clean; the rice and sweet potatoes are put into the rice cooker, and the water is added according to the constant to enter the cooking process;

  2. Heat the wok slightly, directly into the bacon and pour in 1 tsp of cooking wine, then transfer it into the rice cooker; the stir-fry of the bacon can be omitted, but wait until the rice cooker is boiled and then put in, spray The wine will be more fragrant;

  3. Put the lard in the wok, pour the greens and add a little salt, stir fry until the cooked rice is turned off; after the rice cooking process is completed, open the lid, add the greens and a little mushroom, mix the lid, cover and simmer 5 minutes.


All ingredients are not quantified, but can be determined according to the number of people; ingredients are not limited, according to the habit of cooking rice; the final setting of vegetables, the color of the rice is much more beautiful; if placed in the soil / casserole, open fire The amount of water needs to be slightly increased, and it must be taken care of all the way, it is easy to burn.

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