Recipe: Sweet fragrant wine, stuffed chicken, chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet fragrant wine, stuffed chicken, chicken wings



  1. Chicken wings are cut into two knives, green onions, chopped green onion, garlic cloves

  2. Finished chicken wings, put a proper amount of pepper and chopped pepper juice, soy sauce, salt, liqueur brewing juice, a little cooking wine, mix well

  3. Cover with plastic wrap, pickle and taste, you can enter the refrigerator

  4. Take out, put on the sweet wine, a little soy sauce, put in the garlic

  5. Reapply with plastic wrap

  6. Steam in the pan and simmer for 15 minutes (depending on the amount of chicken wings, increase or decrease the time). Put the pan and put some chopped pepper and sprinkle with chopped green onion.

  7. Mix well and eat


1. This time, I have put a few middle wings and small wings left in the refrigerator to solve it. 2, because the liqueur brewing juice is put, so the cooking wine can be put less 3, try to marinate for a long time, more tasteful 4, picking up the peppers and seeing them, and if the peppers are salty, the salt will be less

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