Recipe: Sweet condensed milk corn

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet condensed milk corn


This corn is too easy to make. After I finished it, I ate half of it. After eating it, I regretted it, and I was very satisfied with it.



  1. Corn canned drained water solid 250 g

  2. Add 1 condensed milk and mix well, you can increase or decrease according to your preference.

  3. Put in the appropriate starch, I use corn flour, sweet potato powder is also OK

  4. Mix the corn and starch well

  5. Add the right amount of oil to the wok and heat about 7.8%. Then pour it out and put it in a heat-resistant container.

  6. Leave a little oil in the pot and change to a small fire. Put the paste of the mixed corn kernels into the pan and flatten with a spoon. If you feel too dry when you press it, you can put a little water on it to make proper adjustments.

  7. After flattening, see the corn can be glued together, put the oil just heated to 7.8%

  8. Not enough to make a few spoonfuls of oil, not without corn, it is best to be soaked in corn

  9. Turn to medium heat to heat, as far as possible to ensure that the fire is not as good as possible, this can help to quickly set. Don't use a small fire at this time. The small fire is slow and easy to disperse, and it is easy to let more oil immerse into the corn.

  10. After seeing the shape, you can turn off the fire and prepare to take it out. Drain the oil when you take it out and slowly drag it with a shovel

  11. Remove the corn and put it directly on the kitchen paper to absorb the oil. Can be multi-layered 2 layers

  12. After sucking off excess oil, cut it into small pieces with a knife and serve it on a plate.


friendly reminder: 1. If you don't have condensed milk, you can't leave it. When you eat it, you will have less sweetness. 2. When the corn is fried, you can rotate it properly to make it evenly heated. 3. Use a non-non-stick pan to shake the pan as appropriate to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pan. 4. After the finalization, if you do not achieve the effect you like, you can turn a small fire, so as not to fry. 5. The grasp of firepower is based on the actual situation of the stove in your home. 6. After the plate is installed, it can be decorated with decorative sugar or vegetable grains to improve the appearance. Starch I use the existing corn flour, sweet potato powder is better, it will be more sticky. I didn't weigh the starch, I tried to put it, and I felt that it was sticky and thick. Don't be too dry, it's not easy to spread out. Don't be too thin, just about it. It is best to use a non-stick pan for frying pan so that it does not stick to the pan. If the wok at the bottom of the round is better, it will come out with the effect of the round bottom corn that I introduced in the Northeast.

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