Recipe: Sweet chili sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet chili sauce


I especially liked the taste of sweet and spicy sauce. I originally wanted to follow the recipe of another cook. As a result, the ingredients were not enough. I only made it according to my own thoughts. I didn’t expect it to look good. I just wanted to use the color of the bell pepper. Not so red.



  1. Cut the pineapple and tomato into small pieces and smash them with a cooking machine. Garlic and millet peppers are chopped with a knife.

  2. Put all the things in the first step into the non-stick pan, then add the sugar, salt, and lemon juice into the pot and cook in a medium heat. Stir constantly to avoid sticking the pan. Be careful when bubbling in the pot, the sauce inside is very easy to burn, this time a small fire

  3. Put a proper amount of corn starch, sweet potato starch is also possible

  4. You can taste the taste on the way, each person has different tastes, add ingredients according to your own taste, and wait until it is thicker to turn off the fire, wait for it to cool and refill the bottle (remember that the bottle should be disinfected by hot water)

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