Recipe: Sweet cherry pie

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet cherry pie



  1. After the fresh cherries are washed, they are cut into two halves and nucleated.

  2. The nucleated cherries are placed in a bowl and marinated in fine sugar for 30 minutes.

  3. Pour the cherries into the pan and stir while cooking to completely dissolve the sugar.

  4. Corn starch plus 5 grams of water, mix well into water starch

  5. After boiling, turn to low heat and cook for another 2 minutes.

  6. Pour the starch into the water and stir until it is thick.

  7. A good cherry pie filling, put it to cool down and use it

  8. After the butter is cut into small pieces, mix with the flour

  9. Keep pressing and rubbing by hand to mix the butter and flour in a state of coarse corn flour.

  10. Mix the egg yolk, fine granulated sugar, salt and cold water, then pour it into the flour and butter.

  11. Use a squeegee to press it into a moist dough, put it in a fresh-keeping bag, and put it in the refrigerator for more than 1 hour.

  12. Refrigerate the dough, open it into a dough, and then put the dough into the dish.

  13. Remove the extra skin from the edge, pour it into a dough and pry it open, cut into 1cm slivers

  14. Pour the cooled cherry filling into the pie

  15. Make a long grid on the surface of the disc, and press the grid to the junction of the disc with your finger to make the two adhere to each other.

  16. On the surface of the pie, evenly brush a whole layer of egg liquid

  17. Into the preheated oven, fire up and down the 200 degree middle layer, bake for about 20 minutes until the surface is golden


1. This pie's pie is very loose and not easy to absorb water. It is not easy to be softened by the penetration of the stuffing. It is very suitable for making cherry pie stuffing. 2. The whole egg liquid is brushed on the surface, and the baked pie has a beautiful luster. 3, do a good cherry pie stuffing, must be completely cooled and then used. 4, the faction must be cooled, and then cut. Because the stuffing will not solidify after cooling, it will cut after solidification and sell better. 5, reference component: 6 inches

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