Recipe: Sweet apricot jam

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet apricot jam


This is the second time this year. The previous one has wiped out the light. As a sauce for toast Or the sandwich of the cake roll Great to say Even if it is eaten directly The taste is also good Sweet and sour taste



  1. 1. Wash the apricots, peel off the skin with a knife, remove the kernel, and remove the flesh;

  2. 2. Cut the apricot flesh into small cubes, add the fine sugar and mix well, let stand for a few hours;

  3. 3. Pour the sweet apricot pulp into a non-stick pan and cook over low heat;

  4. 4. After boiling, pour all the amount of lemon juice, stir evenly, and turn to medium heat;

  5. 5, until the pulp is transparent, the thick juice can be turned off, the whole process should be heated while stirring, so as not to stick to the bottom of the pot;

  6. 6, the jam will be done, let cool to about 85 degrees bottle, bottle can be sprayed a little high spirits, sealed storage;


~ 碎碎念~ 1. Do not use iron pot when cooking jam, other pots can be used; 2, berry fruits can be marinated first, so you can not add water; 3. Stir when cooking, so as not to touch the bottom; 4. The stored bottle should be boiled and then cooled and dried. 5. After opening the cover, it should be consumed in a short time.

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