Recipe: Sweet apricot cheesecake

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet apricot cheesecake


Apricot season Whether it is color or taste Bright vision, sweet and sour taste Very suitable for summer With the cheese's long aftertaste in the mouth So the summer was also extended to the distance.



  1. Digest the biscuits, mix well with the liquefied butter, then lay flat on the bottom of the mold

  2. Cream cheese with sugar and water to heat the sugar to dissolve, then whipped into a non-granular uniform cheese paste

  3. Add the egg to the cheese paste and beat evenly. Eggs join one by one

  4. Add apricot jam in portions and mix well.

  5. Add cream and mix well

  6. Pour the cheese paste into the mold and flatten the surface

  7. Steamed, 150 degrees, 80 minutes~

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