Recipe: Sweet and spicy radish

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and spicy radish


The most recent meal I have eaten is the porridge, the porridge is the porridge cooked by myself. The pickles are dried radishes. I started to drink porridge and pickled porridge. Later, I ate porridge for pickles, because this pickles are too good. have eaten. Since the pickled foods have been blacklisted on junk food, many friends who originally liked pickles did not dare to eat them. When they think of the nitrite that has doubled in growth, they are awkward. The dried radish that I want to introduce today is not to be marinated. It is crispy and crispy when chewed. The taste is not worse than that sold outside. You can eat it with confidence.



  1. Wash the white radish, cut the skin into thick strips of fingers, spread it out, and dry it in the sun and in the air for one or two days.

  2. Dry until the radish strip is half-dried, add salt, chili powder, honey, put on disposable gloves and grab it.

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