Recipe: Sweet and spicy chicken, vegetables, rice with rice, healthy, three meals

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and spicy chicken, vegetables, rice with rice, healthy, three meals


The cabbage is crisp, the chicken breast is tender, the avocado with the taste is enhanced, and the saturated carbon water is rich and nutritious. (The picture shows sprouted oatmeal). Taste: sweet and sour, plus the flavor of various ingredients, rich in layers. Ingredients in the ingredients list (except seasoning): 488 kcal protein: 50 g of high-quality fat: 10.5 g of carbon water: 50 g of dietary fiber: 10 g of points about heat needs to be explained 1, "gentleman servant, small person in service Things." The calories and nutrition of a meal are objective information. Just as flowers are flowers, they are objective. As for flowers, they are not good-looking. It is a subjective idea of ​​human beings, and has nothing to do with flowers themselves. The same is true for calories, the meaning is reference, and it can help the fitness life. If you are bound by heat, you can't extricate yourself, or even become unable to eat, it becomes a service. 2, when you try to copy other people's methods, you have already embarked on the road, and you should always be alert to yourself. It can be said that every detour is because not thinking, directly according to other people's methods. The most common mistake is to copy the food photos of the Internet bloggers. Still according to the first article, it can only be seen as a guest, flowers are just flowers, rice is rice, and no personal thoughts are mixed. Because the variables inside are too big. Some people have seen that the blogger’s photos will issue various questions such as “eat too little” and “eat too much”. First of all, each person's physique, goals, digestion, food tolerance, etc. are not the same. Second, photos are mostly "scams". Who is not a pot behind a bowl? The photo is just a record, meaning, don't take it too seriously. Third, don't imagine others in your own situation. Not everyone is three meals a day. It is possible that the photo is the 4th and 5th meal of the family. Therefore, the method of blindly copying others can only harm oneself. Summary: Objectively use heat, not bound by heat; do not copy other people's eating methods. My happiest thing is that there are kitchen friends, telling me that she not only has a harvest in the specific diet. More is to develop a "rational, comprehensive, multi-angle" "not to be partial", "not blindly follow, do not follow the trend" and other ways of thinking.



  1. [Boiled brown rice] Rice that has not been soaked in advance: In a small pot, add the appropriate water according to the packing instructions (I usually have the depth of a fingernail without water), cover the lid, and boil the fire, then turn to the minimum heat 50 Minutes or so. Rice that has been soaked in advance: The time of small fire can be shortened by 10-15 minutes.

  2. [Prepare the chicken breast] First cook a pot of water. Put a whole piece of chicken breast into the knife at 45 degrees along the muscle line and cut into 4 pieces. After the water is opened, put in the chicken breast, wait for the water to open and continue to cook for 3-4 minutes. At this time, you can prepare ingredients such as onion and garlic. Remove the chicken breast and let it cool slightly, then tear it into silk by hand.

  3. [Treatment method of green vegetables] First, after the vegetables are cut into small pieces, they are cooked in a wok. Do not put oil, do not put other spices. Second, do not cut vegetables, put directly into the water of boiled chicken cooked. Then pass the cold water, squeeze the excess water and cut into small pieces. Method 2, more water, method one, less water, look at personal preferences.

  4. In the big bowl, first put the chicken and rice, mix in white vinegar, soy sauce, black and white pepper, let the chicken taste first. Then add the greens and avocados, put the remaining ingredients in all the seasonings, mix well, and add salt to adjust the taste.


1, white vinegar and more will make the chicken more moist, reducing the taste of chicken breasts. 2, [About hot sauce] I use Frank's RedHot original, a famous hot sauce, Xiaolong eats since he was (he never eats spicy, but can eat this taste). In 1920, the two founders were prepared with spices, vinegar, garlic, various peppers, and salt. Southern flavor, not spicy, mainly based on sour, the United States can sell any supermarket. In the United States, it is mainly used to make jambalaya (a southern speciality rice), and is also the first important ingredient in the famous buffalo wing sauce. If you don't have this kind of hot sauce, you can use the spicy sauce that you usually like. It is Sriracha and Korean hot sauce. 3, you can replace brown rice with buckwheat and black wild rice. 4, ketchup is the kind of French fries, pay attention to see the ingredients list when buying, choose no corn syrup, and the ingredients are the simplest.

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