Recipe: Sweet and sour watermelon juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour watermelon juice



  1. Watermelon is bought back, the melon is dug out and the seeds are removed. This is a laborious thing, if it is seedless watermelon, it would be fine.

  2. Put the watermelon in the cooking machine

  3. Pour 3 vials of Yakult

  4. Pour honey

  5. Work with the cooking machine for 30 seconds and whipped

  6. When it is refrigerated, the lactic acid bacteria in Yakult will ferment, causing the watermelon juice to become sour and sweet, so it’s so delicious.


1, watermelon must be clean, do not leave seeds, seedless watermelon is best. 2, Yakult contains active lactic acid bacteria, so the taste will be sour, delicious! 3, adding honey, will make the watermelon juice more sweet! 4, the role of lactic acid bacteria, it takes time to play, so it is best to refrigerate for a few hours before drinking. 5, the amount of Yakult and honey, can be added with your own preferences, no need to completely copy.

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