Recipe: Sweet and sour tilapia

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour tilapia


The tilapia is golden and crisp, the middle of the fish is fresh, the color of the marinade is bright red, and the sweetness is sour. It is a very appetizing home-cooked dish.



  1. Tilapia to scales, sputum and internal organs. After washing, use kitchen paper or dry cloth to absorb the moisture on the surface, making it easy to fry when fried.

  2. Cut a knife every 3 cm on the back of the fish, cut into a slope shape, deep into the spine, add a little salt, cooking wine and sprinkle it into the fish.

  3. Turn up the cut fish fillet and sprinkle with dry starch. Spread each piece evenly. Gently pat the hand to make the fish look dry. Then grab the fish tail and shake it with your hand to make the fish fill open and shake. Dry powder

  4. Use a bowl of soy sauce, salt, white vinegar, ketchup, sugar, starch water and mix well into a sauce

  5. Put the oil in the pan until it is 80% hot. The fish is fried until the skin is hardened. Use a small fire for three minutes, then fry until it is golden.

  6. Heat the wok, add a little oil, add ginger, green onion, garlic slices and stir-fry, add green beans, red and green peppers, stir well, then pour the prepared oyster sauce, quickly mix, add a teaspoon Oil, after mixing it repeatedly, pick up the oil, brighten it, and pour it on the fish.

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