Recipe: Sweet and sour smoked fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour smoked fish


The last blog post aunt made a pickled fish, in which the fish head fish skin is used to cook soup, the back brush is used to make pickled fish, and the remaining fish belly and fish helmet can make this unique flavor of sugar. Vinegar smoked fish. To be honest, this dish is the best dish of my aunt's cockroaches. I loved eating since I was a child. When I grow up, I will cook myself. Other dishes are consciously blue. I only always do this dish. Not the unique and rich taste of her old man, so I decided to hone more now, and go back to the old lady to see if I can do better than her, huh, huh!



  1. Fish belly and fish helmet cut into small strips, add ginger, a large spoon of cooking wine, two tablespoons of vinegar, a spoonful of salt, chicken essence, pepper, mix well, marinate for more than 2 hours

  2. Pour half of the oil in the pan and heat it. When the oil temperature is 80% hot, change the medium heat and fry the fish.

  3. When the fish is not frying, don't stir it with a spatula. When the fish is caramelized, use a spatula to gently shovel until the fish is completely fried to crispy and fragrant, then fish the fish. Drying oil

  4. Leave a small amount of base oil in the pot, add five tablespoons of sugar, two pots of vinegar, a teaspoon of soy sauce, chicken pepper powder, ginger and diced green onion, a small amount of water, stir-fry into sweet and sour sauce, pour the fried fish pieces In the sweet and sour sauce, boil and taste, until the water is completely dry, only when sugar and oil are left, stir fry, and hang the sugar evenly on the fish to form a bright sauce.

  5. Finally, start the pan and put a small amount of chopped green onion.


This dish is hot and cold, especially for Chinese New Year. Most families have the remaining fish helmets for making meatballs. Many people are not good at cooking, they hang on the starch and fry them into a big roast. Fish fillet, to be honest, it’s not so delicious. Try it with a sweet and sour smoked fish. If you can do it for three to four days, it won’t be bad. It’s good to be a cool dish in Chinese New Year. The choice, this dish is especially popular with children, my baby has killed half a plate today.

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