Recipe: Sweet and sour short ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour short ribs


I found that there are no sweet and sour platoons in my more than 600 recipes... Although this is one of the specialties of this gang, it is also a very common Shanghai home cooking. There are many people in the kitchen who do well, every time they do it. You can find a version to compare, as for the good to eat, let my family judge.



  1. The small row is soaked in water for half an hour to remove blood, drain the water and marinate with 1 teaspoon of cooking wine, 1/2 teaspoon of soy sauce and 1/2 teaspoon of sugar;

  2. Use 1 scoop of oil to moisturize the pan, pour in a small row and stir fry until spit; add ginger and the remaining cooking wine, braised soy sauce, add water and add 2/3 of small rows, add 1 scoop. Vinegar, simmered in medium and small fire for half an hour;

  3. When the pork ribs are cooked to moderate hardness, add rock sugar and appropriate amount of salt to taste. When the soup gradually thickens and thickens, add 1 teaspoon of vinegar and collect the juice to the desired extent.


If the small row is marinated before cooking, it is best not to add or add less salt to avoid the texture of the meat. The sweet and vinegar is best to add vinegar. Because the high temperature will cause the acidity to volatilize, it is easy to make the sweet and sour taste. Braised taste; after adding rock sugar, it is necessary to control the heat, because the dissolution rate of rock sugar is slower than sugar, too much fire will prematurely dry the water, causing the coke of sugar, affecting the color and taste. In this statement, this recipe is not a national standard, water control version, limited edition! This is a recipe recorded according to my family's taste and my cooking habits. The amount of all materials used is for reference only. I have increased the amount of water added from the 2/3 bowl to 2/3 of the submerged ribs. Add less water, then please add 2/3 pots of water ~ classmates! How much water is added is definitely related to the size of the fire. You can't control the heat, and add too much water. It's not that taste!

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