Recipe: Sweet and sour radish

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour radish


Because the male ticket loves to eat, the summer eats cold dishes is also cool, so I also tried it by the memory of my mother's production process as a child, tastes like ~ a summer must-have appetizer



  1. I forgot to take a picture during the production process, and I will tell you the steps in the text~1 radish peeled and washed or sliced ​​(the individual does not like to have skin) 2 Put the radish slices in the fresh-keeping bowl (when you put it in the bowl) Layer radish, stir the salt and stir it, then put a layer of radish. Marinate for half an hour to an hour, then pour out the marinated water and drain it. 3 small red peppers (don't put it on the table) The size of the ginger shredded and the right amount of white sugar mixed with the radish into the canned jar 4 poured into the right amount of rice vinegar (rice vinegar is so acidic, so it is recommended that there is almost no radish) cover the can lid slightly shake evenly after a day to eat it ( I have been asked about it, and it’s ok to keep it in the refrigerator for about half a month.)

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