Recipe: Sweet and sour radish

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour radish



  1. Washed radish

  2. The big radish is cut into eight petals, and the small radish is cut into four petals.

  3. Put on the salt code

  4. 35 pounds of radish were marinated in three pots and marinated for one night.

  5. The next day, the radish is lined up with a string of sun.

  6. In the evening, I put back the basin with salt water for one night. On the third day, I had already taken off a lot of water.

  7. In the evening, I will take back my home. On the fourth day, I will put a lot of pleats on my skin.

  8. So this time, the sun will be able to dry for four to five days. Pour a pound of white sugar and a pound of balsamic vinegar into the jar, add the radish, stir it every other day, let the juice fully soak the radish, and serve for 15 days.


1, so many radishes I bought 15 yuan. 2, pickled radish look at the weather forecast, must have a good weather in a few days, if you find that the weather is cloudy, put it in the salt water (that is, the water that the radish is marinated), do not take it out. 3, vinegar often eaten is also good for the human body, if you buy, it is recommended to buy balsamic vinegar, tastes good. 4, dried radish, it is easy to dry with a string. 5, because the radish is dry, all in the evening is placed in the salt water, so the radish will not dry after the next day, the taste is quite tender, but the outer skin is quite brittle, chewing. This is also different from other dried radish. 6, the salt content is quite small, and only one day. Therefore, later adding vinegar and sugar, it is very suitable for porridge. Unlike the pickles sold in the market, it is too salty.

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