Recipe: Sweet and sour quince

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour quince


Sweet and sour quince



  1. Lotus roots washed and peeled and placed in salt water

  2. Pour flour, eggs, salt, and appropriate amount of water into a small bowl and stir into a deep paste.

  3. The lotus root is evenly wrapped in the paste, and it is fried in the middle of the fire.

  4. In the small hot pot, the oil is re-fried and the two sides are golden.

  5. Take another pot and put a proper amount of ketchup

  6. Moderate amount of white sugar

  7. a little water, boil

  8. Add a little starch water (raw powder + water)

  9. Cook until the soup thickens and closes the fire

  10. Quickly pour the fried bracts

  11. Stir fry evenly

  12. Go out of the pot and you're done

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