Recipe: Sweet and sour quail eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour quail eggs


Baby's favorite appetizing sour beet



  1. Cooked in cold water cold pan

  2. After peeling the shell, drain the water. The wok is red, put more oil, and fry the shelled eggs slightly to the tiger skin.

  3. Pour out the excess oil, chop the garlic into a stir fry, pour the tomato sauce, white vinegar and sugar into a small fire, then add a little cold and open. I try it a little bit, I like the acid, I can put more vinegar, I like sweet and more sugar. Just like your own taste.

  4. Pour in the fried egg, quickly sift the spoon and sprinkle with sesame seeds.


When frying eggs, pay attention to the water of the egg skin is easy to splash oil, it is best to use a kitchen paper to absorb a little water.

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