Recipe: Sweet and sour pork tenderloin (chicken breast)

Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet and sour pork tenderloin (chicken breast)


Because you are losing weight, you don't eat pork. But every month there is always a couple of reliefs, so I made a chicken breast version of the sweet and sour pork tenderloin.



  1. Cut the chicken. Hit the egg.

  2. Put the salt in the egg and wrap the chicken in the egg. Prepare the starch in another bowl

  3. More oil in the pot, prepare fried chicken

  4. The key came, in order to make the kitchen clean and easy to clean up for a long time, prepare an empty plate to let go. Then put the chicken breast wrapped in eggs on hand, the left hand is filled with a bowl filled with starch, and the chicken breast is wrapped in starch.

  5. Put it on the plate after the yellowing. Prepare to adjust the juice.

  6. Put some oil in the pot, stir the tomato sauce, put some sugar, salt. Finally, put the fried chicken in the pan and wrap it out.

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